Saturday, January 12, 2013

Big Ten Power Rankings (12/29/12)

Big Ten Power Rankings, Pre-Conference Play:

1) Michigan: No great wins, but a flawless non-conference slate. Beating NC State at home doesn't constitute a great win, but it was solid. So were their wins over Pittsburgh and K-State at a neutral site. Outstanding offensive team that will also defend. Questionable play on the interior, but the best guard play in the country.

2) Indiana: I still think this is the best team in the Big Ten, but a neutral-site loss to Butler drops them to #2. Decent wins over an unhealthy UNC team and Georgetown. Indiana, in my opinion, is the best offensive team in the country, but their defense is mediocre. Jordan Hulls can't guard a table, and I think that will hurt them.

3) Minnesota: Like I have said before, I really like this team. Very mediocre non-conference slate, with only one quality win (which is questionable) vs. Memphis. Regardless, I like this team and expect MSU to lose at the barn in 2 days. Minnesota is incredibly deep, with front-court AND back-court stars.

4) Michigan State: IMO, this is not only the best defensive team in the Big Ten, but potentially in the country. Appling, Harris, Dawson, and Payne are potential all-conference defensive players, and Trice, Valentine and Nix can really defend as well. Their outside shooting is a problem, and will continue to be one, however. MSU has arguably the best win (Kansas in Atlanta) in the B1G, but the remainder of the non-conference was average.

5) OSU: Another team with enormous defensive ability, but offensive limitations. I like the potential of guys like Ross, Sibert and Thompson, but shooting the basketball appears to be a problem. Thomas and Craft are stars in their own right (Thomas is the best player in the conference), but if Deshawn struggles offensively, they could lose early in the tournament. With regards to the non-conference, OSU had zero quality wins. Zero. They did, however, have zero "bad" losses. In fact, they might have had the best loss of the season (if that makes sense).

6) Illinois: Not buying Illinois as a Big Ten Title contender. Maybe 7 straight years of them sucking has made me jaded, but I just don't like their squad. They did, however, have a really good win at Gonzaga, and another solid victory over Butler. I could listen to an argument for this team being 3rd in the conference...same goes for OSU. Minnesota, MSU, OSU and Illinois are all very close.

7) Wisconsin: Arguably the toughest non-conference slate in the B1G, but they didn't win any of their tough games. This team is like a typical Wisconsin team, but instead of being good, they fucking suck. I am rooting for these d-bags to miss the tournament.

8) Iowa: Didn't play a soul in the non-conference, and definitely didn't beat anyone. Average team.

9) Northwestern: Really tough injury again for the Wildcats. Another year of not making the tournament.

10) Purdue: This team sucks, I mean really, really sucks....but they are still better than the bottom 2.

11) PSU: Heartbreaking injury, and thus, they are garbage.

12) Nebraska: No point in commenting on this crusty ass team.

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