Saturday, January 12, 2013

Big Ten Power Rankings (11/29/12)

My November Big Ten power rankings:

First tier:

1) Indiana (I think their ranking is warranted)
2) Michigan (ditto for Michigan)
3) Ohio State (I see OSU as a 10-15 team, right now)
4) Michigan State (team has enormous potential, but right now they are playing like a borderline top 25 team)
5) Minnesota (another team with big-time potential)

Honestly, I think all 5 of those teams have a chance to make a deep, deep run in the tournament.

Second tier:

6) Illinois (meh...that is all I have to say about them)
7) Wisconsin (possibly the worst Wisconsin team under Bo)

These teams should be solid tournament teams.

8) Purdue
9) Northwestern
10) Iowa
11) Nebraska
12) Penn State (injury bug has not been kind to them)

Those teams are probably not going to make the tournament.

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